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In Monterey, you'll discover a vibrant dining scene with a variety of options to satisfy your cravings. The area is dotted with charming restaurants and bars, offering a range of culinary delights. From seafood-focused establishments like Old Fisherman's Grotto and Monterey's Fish House on Fisherman's Wharf to upscale dining experiences at The Sardine Factory and Restaurant 1833, there's something for every taste. Alvarado Street is home to notable brewpubs like Alvarado Street Brewery & Grill and Peter B's Brewpub, perfect for beer enthusiasts. For a cozy breakfast or brunch, Loulou's Griddle in the Middle on Fisherman's Wharf is a popular choice. With its diverse culinary offerings and picturesque coastal surroundings, this area promises an enjoyable dining and drinking experience.