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Sorry, but our company does not offer any services related to estate sales or auctions.

Please Read Below.

Estate Sales or Auctions typically charge a commission of 35% to 55% for their services. When consigning with us, we offer a 50% commission rate.

During the Estate Sale, it is common to organize the event in your own residence for a duration of two days. When hosting an Estate Sale, it is customary to hold the occasion in your house for a span of two days.

If you decide to enlist the services of a esteemed organization, thorough planning, coordination, determining prices, and ensuring cleanliness will be undertaken for multiple days before the event. During the start of the sale, prospective purchasers will be granted access to your residence, where they will have the opportunity to observe and potentially acquire the items you have on offer.

below market value. This means that you can expect to receive a great deal on the items you purchase. 25% to 50% below its actual worth 25% to 50% below its true market value Priced at only a quarter to half of its genuine value Discounted by 25% to 50% from its real appraisal Available at a substantial 25% to 50% markdown from its legitimate price .

If the items in your possession possess worth, it may be prudent to contemplate an alternative course of action. Whether the belongings you own possess value or not, it would be advantageous to explore another choice.

What are you planning to do with the remaining items? What are your plans for the remaining items?


With auctions, final price is unknown. If the economy is strong and you have higher end desirable items and auction may be the way to go. In the case of auctions, the ultimate price remains ambiguous. In situations where the economy thrives and you possess valuable high-end items, opting for an auction could be a suitable course of action.

To minimize the traffic in and out of your house, arrangements are made for the collection of items from your home through our consign page. It is recommended to make appointments 4 to 6 weeks in advance for this purpose.

We have been operating for more than two decades, which means we possess the necessary expertise and understanding to accurately determine the value and present your products. Our agreements span a period of twelve months. we command higher pricesOur ability to accurately determine the fair market value of your items is not influenced by any pressure to sell them over the weekend. On a regular basis, we welcome a significant number of customers in our store, totaling several hundred per week. Additionally, we allocate a substantial amount of our budget, thousands of dollars each month, towards advertising efforts to consistently reach out to new customers. Our online presence is also robust, with a rapidly expanding base of over 24,000 followers on Facebook.

Come explore our store and discover why we stand out as the superior option. Visit us today and witness firsthand why we are the preferred choice for all your needs.

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